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Limited Run Games wants to distribute physical copies of Yakuza 5

Western fans had yearned for a release of Yakuza 5 for so long that a digital release was a perfect alternative to not being released at all. For physical game collectors (and hardcore Yakuza fans), it was a bit disappointing to have every other Yakuza game as a physical copy except the latest one.

Limited Run Games, a company that releases physical copies of digital games, has entertained the idea of giving Yakuza 5 a chance at physical glory. A representative of Limited Run Games recently went on NeoGAF to discuss a list of games that they were considering making physical releases for, and Yakuza 5 was on their list.

“We would love to go after things like,

The Atelier series (there are a bunch that never got physical!)
Yakuza 5
Fatal Frame
Phoenix Wright
Attack On Titan

So yeah let us know if you’d legit buy these titles.”

While Yakuza 5 may cost $39.99 on the PlayStation Store, a physical copy may end up costing you $45-$50 and they would have to order at 5,000-10,000 copies. If you would like to see a physical copy of Yakuza 5, you can scream it from the rooftops or go on Twitter and let @LimitedRunGames know.

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  • cube_b3

    I would not mind a physical copy, however the game is not worth $40. Maybe if they release it as a budget $30. It can work. A price drop is over due anyways.

    The Problem with Y5 is that the delay was so long that the game looked extremely dated upon arrival. It also looked like Yakuza Studios learned nothing from Binary Domain (in game story telling) cause it plays just like all the other antiquated Yakuza games. Makes perfect sense that they made it a digital download, the game doesn’t have enough gameplay to justify a physical release.

  • Marie

    I wouldn’t mind, but with all the problems Y5 has I wouldn’t want to pay $40 for it (though I do understand why LRG would need to price it as such). The game might play quite well (the same as the other games) but everything about that story and half the character development is a mess that only barely makes sense within the context of the prior games and, at least for me, that severely brought down my overall enjoyment of the game. Y5 was a huge disappointment for me so I don’t know that I’d be down to buy another copy just to have a physical version.

  • Claude Legaye

    WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just found this information here now 23 September 2017

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