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Sonic CD

Review: Sonic CD

[With the recent news that Christian “Taxman” Whitehead will be handling an updated port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for mobile devices, we thought it would be relevant to revisit his first official Sega collaboration: the superb port of Sonic CD that was released at the end of 2011. Enjoy this retro review, which was originally posted on one of Nathan’s personal …

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Five Saturn games we want to see go downloadable

What with the release of NiGHTS into Dreams on PSN and XBLA, we were wondering: “What other Saturn games would be great on modern digital platforms?” Now it’s actually a tougher question to answer than one might think. If I had it my way, about 80 to 90 percent of Saturn games would be updated and re-released on modern systems …

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Review: Binary Domain

At first glance, it’s quite easy to dismiss Binary Domain as yet another ho hum squad-based, third-person shooter hopelessly riding on the coattails of Gears of War. After all, its combat mechanics don’t redefine the genre, its storyline is fairly predictable and somewhat unoriginal, and its Japanese developer has never attempted to create a game like this before. Sounds like Binary Domain has a lot …

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