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SEGA teases Castle of Illusion HD

Just the other day an image of a potential XBLA box art for a remake of Castle of Illusion was spotted floating around the Internets. We naturally had to keep it under the ‘rumour’ category until SEGA did or said something official on the matter. Good news, as today SEGA posted up a lovely teaser for the classic Disney title. …

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[Update] Fan Stuff: Chill out with some Space Harrier jazz

[Update: 09/04/2013] foreversonic has updated the song, adding to it and “tidied up some parts”. Plus you can now download and carry the song around with you on your walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, Discmans and phones (or whatever musical playing device takes your fancy). Lovely stuff foreversonic. Keep up the smooth (‘smooth’ as in jazz – get it?) work. – Links below updated …

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