Alex Moretti

GETTING TO KNOW ME I am an avid fan of art, literature, and history. I live in New Jersey, and am currently a student at Seton hall. I have always been a fan of Anime since I was six and I was first introduced to Dragon Ball Z. I have always wanted to start a blog, but was afraid that I would never be able to update it as often as i wanted to. Any way here are some basic things you should know about me Name: Alex Age:23 Relationship: Single Occupation:Student Likes: Movies , art , Fan fiction, Literature. TV Dramas, Cartoons, and Games. Well that's the basic just of me, I do hope to write journal entries more often. Also I currently have written most of my articles on my gamespot account, this includes my game reviews. and my Youtube account is. Hope that helps

Review: Persona 4: Golden

ersona 4 was released on PlayStation 2 back in 2008, during a time when Sony was transitioning from the PS2 to the PlayStation 3. Because of this, it failed to catch on with the larger gaming audience and not many got a chance to play it. Thankfully, with the release Persona 4: Golden… Review: Persona 4: Golden Review: Persona 4: Golden 2016-12-13 Alex …

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Wonder Boy Returns arcade port releases on Steam

Back in the mid ’80s, SEGA brought over the arcade hit Wonder Boy to the Master System, which featured more content, such as the inclusion of two new areas. According to many video game magazines at the time, such as Computer and Video Games, it was beautiful bright colorful and had simple yet addictive gameplay. The addition of new content …

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