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Sega teases Ristar for SEGA Forever service

Sega gives into fan demand by announcing Ristar for SEGA Forever, which is a free service available on both iOS and Google Play—with ads. The in-game advertisements can be removed with a $1.99 purchase of each game available. Rumor has it that Ristar will be available in the UK and USA this Thursday. Additionally, Ristar has been available on Valve’s Steam client for $2.99. Maybe it’s time for Sega to drop those Steam prices!

Ristar was first released on the Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear in 1995 towards the end of the 16-bit life cycle. It stars—no pun intended, a stylized cartoon star that uses its stretchable arms to move and defeat enemies as the player explores the lush levels of Planet Neer.

Sega teases Ristar

John Perkins

John’s first glimpse into gaming was with the Sega GameGear in ’94. His first game ever was Ecco the Dolphin. It was around this time he developed his love for the 90’s cartoons based on Sonic the Hedgehog. He favorite Sega games include; NiGHTs, Panzer Dragoon, Shenmue, and Sonic. Currently, he is finishing his degree in Multimedia Studies & aspires to become an accomplished 3d animator/ modeler.

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  • Has anyone tried the blue tooth controller support on these SEGA Forever games? None of these action games are going to play well with virtual buttons, methinks.

    • Luis

      I tried with my 8bitdo controllers and they didn’t work. AFAIK, the Mega Drive emulated games published under Sega Forever (that is, all current Sega Forever games that are not Sonic 1 Remastered and Virtua Tennis) are compatible with X-Input, and not with D-Input (8bitdo is D-Input). Maybe it’s not the real reason but that’s what I understood.

      They’re fixing that late August/early September, though.

    • John Perkins

      It is quite tough having to press jump and then quickly press grab via the touch screen. Especially for boss battles! It’s manageable, but I’d say a blue tooth controller would work far better.

      • Luis

        I like to think that initiatives like Sega Forever can help boosting “normal” or “traditional” gaming on mobile, especially Android.

        Switch has shown how a portable device can also be used at home, and while there are so much casual games with touch controls on Android, I think it’s a great platform for games made for Bluetooth controllers. Google should eventually invest on this.

        The Sonic remasters and Sega Forever games might lead to more games like those. I hope they do 🙂

  • Luis

    So glad Ristar is one of the first titles to come to Sega Forever brand. Ristar should have had more games. It’s a brilliant and original platformer with a very cool hero. If Nintendo made it, it would have had lots of great games.

    I hope this game sells a lot on mobile and Sega thinks of making a remaster or a sequel, and I want to pay to remove the ads (the same goes to Shinobi and Comix Zone) to show my support, but they have to fix emulation.

    Performance is really poor (fortunately not my problem because it works fine on my Nvidia Shield K1, which is a beast), not all external controllers are supported, and they should add some “standard” options to the emulator, like scanlines effect, optional linear filtering (it’s on by default and I want to turn it off), etc.

    Once this is fixed, and Sega has promised they will fix it (they better do, because they’re losing money), I’m paying for any Sega game I love, even though I could play them free through emulators.

    • John Perkins

      I agree Luis! It’s definitely an underrated gem! Nice visuals/animations for the 16-bit era as well!

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