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SEGA Nerds News Roundup 4/7/17

SEGA Nerds News Roundup 4/7/17 SEGA News, Reviews, Interviews, Podcasts, Features and more! This week sure has been a whirlwind of interesting news. Persona 5, Dawn of War, and even Yuji Naka have had some interesting stories posted. We thought it would be a great idea to  round up all of the interesting news that has happened this week, which …

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Peter Moore looks back at the exact moment he decided to leave SEGA

Peter Moore had been the final SEGA of America CEO that was at the helm of a SEGA console launch; Originally working on marketing for Reebok, Moore jumped ship to SEGA in 1998 to help the launch of Dreamcast, which had done very well. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast’s success did not last very long, as SEGA had announced its exit from …

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