Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

[Update #1] Could AtGames’ new Mini Mega Drive actually rival the NES Classic?

[Update #1: A poster on the Atari Age forums posted the above image of what’s supposedly the official Mini Megadrive box. According to the poster, the system will also have a suspend/restore feature. Also, the list of pre-installed SEGA games (see below) has been updated with the latest information.]  Several months back, the Internet went crazy over the news that Tectoy …

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Prepare for battle: Dawn of War III open beta announced

SEGA Europe and Relic Entertainment have announced that the official open beta weekend for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will take place from Friday, April 21st (10AM PST) until Monday, April 24th (10AM PST). The open beta will pit players against each other in Dawn of War III’s multiplayer. The game mode is said to showcase the strengths and weaknesses …

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ATLUS is warning players to not stream Persona 5 too much

Persona 5 is finally here, and we hope everyone is enjoying themselves and taking on the baddies with the Phantom Thieves.  If you plan on streaming your adventure of Persona 5, you may want to pump your brakes and read this. ATLUS released a note the day of Persona 5‘s release, telling fans to not stream past a certain point. …

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