Daily Archives: March 10, 2017

Top 5 SEGA original Xbox exclusives that deserve ports on Steam

Back in 2015, SEGA ported Sonic Lost World to PC via Valve’s Steam service. That same year, Gamasutra reported that John Clark, VP of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe, was pleased to bring Sonic Lost World to PC. Clark made the following statement; “This is the latest in a string of high quality PC ports of past SEGA titles that we …

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New Sonic Mania footage featuring Green Hill Zone Act 2

The official Sonic YouTube channel has released a brand new video showcasing Green Hill Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania. This video has Aaron Webber providing commentary as a Sega executive plays as Sonic. The beginning shows a speed run of the first act. The transition between acts are the same as in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. They introduce new mechanics, …

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SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 110 (Going berserk over SEGA)

In this week’s episode, Chris and Graham discuss: SEGA games coming to Xbox Game Pass More SEGA games available on PlayStation Now ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove coming to Nintendo Switch Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap’s release date revealed Featured Discussion: Will the Switch ultimately be Nintendo’s Dreamcast? Duration – 52 min. @ 25 MB Review us on iTunes | Subscribe to our …

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