Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

Xenocider’s latest update features a new boss and stage

With the new year rolling along, Retro Sumus has released new footage of a boss from Xenocider, as well as a stage that is reminiscent of Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure‘s Transistor Highway! In addition to the Xenocider update, Retro Sumus is also planning a new project that will involve a collaboration in the Dreamcast scene. Can’t wait! Via Retro …

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King of Fighters XIV is coming to arcades, currently being tested

The King of Fighters XIV

Back in September, SNK and SEGA released King of Fighters XIV for PlayStation 4. Although it was only released as a console port, SNK has stated that King of Fighters XIV is also headed to arcades.  Recently, SNK announced that will begin testing the arcade version at three specific Taito Stations: Machida, Osaka, and Fukuoka Tenjin. Each play will cost …

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Dreamcast shooter SLaVE is still on its way

Around two years ago, Isotope Softworks announced a new Dreamcast shooter in development called SLaVE. The game featured a neon aesthetic and maze-like maps, taking some influence from DOOM and Robotron 2084. There have been sporadic updates about the game’s progress since then, but no concrete release date has been announced.  Coraline from Isotope Softworks recently gave fans an update …

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