Help TecToy choose the box for the new Mega Drive

After offering the new Mega Drive personalized with phrases up to 15 characters in length, TecToy is now giving people the opportunity to choose the box for the new Mega Drive. There are three options:

The Classic, the Original, the first of all released in Brazil. With minor changes needed for the current moment.

The Original, but with a new verse.

And finally a totally new and repaginated, for those who are looking for new emotions.

The most voted will be the base for the concept for the box of our beloved 16-bit console! In addition, those who participate will earn a discount coupon in the purchase of any Tectoy product.

You can vote the design of the new box here.

About Luiz Nai

I'm huge fan of Sega, I have been playing Sega games for over 20 years and games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga and also all the Arcades race games are my favorites. Besides of playing Sega games I have a post degree in Game development and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time.

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