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TecToy is researching an HDMI Master System, Genesis system in Brazil

Earlier this summer, Tectoy posted a picture on their Facebook page that made a lot of noise on the retro game community in Brazil. The picture showed a Master System and Genesis and posed the question, “If Tectoy returned to produce a console, which one would you like? Give a like for SEGA Genesis and share for Master System.”

It was enough for thousand of fans to send messages demanding a console with the original hardware, cartridge slot and a HDMI output rather than a console that emulate the original hardware with poor quality and without a cartridge slot.

To the surprise of many, TecToy replied, “The company will celebrate 30 years in 2017 and we are working hard to have good news.”

Last week, Uol Jogos, one of Brazil’s biggest video game websites published an interview with TecToy CEO Stephano Arnhold, where he discussed the company’s history and plans for the future.

In the interview that is in Portuguese, Stephano said the Master System and Genesis systems they produced in Brazil sold around 8 million of units. He also said that SEGA still receives royalties for every Master System unit they sell in Brazil (The last one was released in 2011).

Master System Evolution (TecToy).
Master System Evolution (TecToy)

When asked if they’ve discussed internally about a launch of the Dreamcast in Brazil, he said they already had this conversation and they wish to do that, but the Dreamcast is a complex machine full of copyrights and would be impossible to get a good price for the final consumer, but he hopes to find a solution in the future.

When asked about the future, Stephano said that TecToy is really surprised with all the messages and the press about their Facebook post. He said Tectoy was bombarded with messages asking for consoles with cartridge slots and HDMI output and now they are studying all the valid contracts from the ’90s that gives them the rights to release new Master System and Genesis systems.

He also said they are studying the engineering part and they want to work together with the community to release a machine that best meets what the fans want, but for now they need to be patient while TecToy studies all the copyrights and limitations to produce a new version of the old chips.

It’s exciting news not only for the Brazilian fans but also for all the fans around the world. If they really release a console with what the fans want, the demand for such a console will be huge, and they will probably export it to markets outside Brazil.

Luiz Nai

I'm huge fan of Sega, I have been playing Sega games for over 20 years and games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga and also all the Arcades race games are my favorites. Besides of playing Sega games I have a post degree in Game development and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time.

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  • Vinícius Hacebe

    I’m looking forward to see this!!! It would be amazing to have my favorite consoles updated with HDMI and cartridge support again! I truly believe that this can make Tectoy jump back to its golden days!

    • I totally agree with you… for the first time in years they are listening to the fans.

      • Shuryon

        The first time they can listen to fans without spending a penny. Thanks, internet!

  • David Lawrence

    great idea

  • Helder Peres

    Eu sinceramente iria querer um Sega Saturno ou um Dreamcast. Mas fazer o que inovar de verdade fica caro para eles né…

    • Shuryon

      Nem tem como competir.. Até por que o mercado brasileiro é basicamente PC e mobile.

      A Dreamcast or Sega Saturn would be awesome. But they can’t compete with big players.. Also, Brazilian market means basically 6% consoles, 43% mobile and 50% PC (I reserve 1% for other means (?)). But this data is old. Could be worse for consoles.

      Either way, nostalgia is what will sell it. But I doubt they can sell overseas because other companies have the right to do so. Who knows?

      I’m happy with a Mega Drive / Master System combo with HDMI, built-in games but with cartridge slot being also present! “Awesome” won’t describe it!

  • McHenryGames

    absolutely! I’m all for it! Imagine Sega systems becoming one of Brazil’s main exports

    • Shuryon

      That both a good and a depressing thing… You get it, right?

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