Daily Archives: September 10, 2016

The devs behind Dreamcast game Xenocider revealed a new stage

Back in May, we reported on a Kickstarter for a brand new Dreamcast game titled Xenocider. The game was an on-rails shooter  that was heavily inspired by Space Harrier, and we were really excited for it. In June, the developers announced that they had cancelled the Kickstarter, but left fans with a silver lining: “We will keep working on Xenocider, …

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UPDATE: A SEGA Genesis and NES emulator is coming soon to Xbox One

UPDATE: While the PC version of the NESbox still seems to be okay, Microsoft has pulled the Xbox One version from the store. Microsoft says: "Your product was unpublished globally or from specific markets". They want me to remove xbox platform support and republish — nesbox.com (@nesboxcom) September 10, 2016     With the Universal Windows Platform, developers are able to …

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