Daily Archives: September 5, 2016

Here’s unedited footage of Sonic Mania’s demo from PAX West

When Sonic Mania footage was released after Sonic’s 25 Anniversary Party, an embargo required journalists to edit their video and include commentary. Recently, Polygon got their hands on the demo again and released unedited footage of the demo, which features different gameplay from July’s video. You can check out the footage above! [via Polygon]

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Space Channel 5 VR ‘viewing experience’ to be shown at TGS

Space Channel 5 for Dreamcast

While SEGA is forging ahead with Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live, it appears that might not be the only belovedĀ seriesĀ its planning on taking to virtual reality. Showgoers at Tokyo Game Show will be able to see a Space Channel 5 “viewing demo” of sorts developed for the HTC Vive. It appears it’s not a full-fledged game but a proof of …

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