Daily Archives: September 3, 2016

Star Cruiser, a Japanese exclusive Mega Drive shooter, translated into English

We always get excited when we hear of a new, unreleased SEGA game that has just been made accessible to us via a translation patch. Earlier this year, there was the English translation for 7th Dragon 2020, and now some determined fans have translated a previously unreleased Mega Drive game called Star Cruiser. Star Cruiser is a first-person shooter/RPG hybrid …

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3D Archives Triple Pack announced, as well as more bonus games

Revealed today on the official Japanese SEGA 3D Archives website,  there will be a Triple Pack of all the 3D Archives games on cartridge.  Including Volumes 1-2 as well as the newly announced Volume 3 FINAL STAGE,  this will be a complete set of all the SEGA 3D Classics,  including some extra games that weren’t released originally.  Some insight was …

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