Daily Archives: August 4, 2014

SEGA Nerds on Location: Video Games Live

Last weekend, both my wife and I took a little trip into Baltimore to check out Video Games Live, a multimedia celebration of video games’ musical heritage. ‘Twas awesome, ’twas. Our experience really began at about 5:45 pm, nearly two hours prior to the show’s scheduled start time. We were sitting in our car outside a parking lot, a parking …

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A Message to SEGA Fans from Randy Pitchford

Hi there, SEGA fans. It’s me. Randy Pitchford.† Really. And I love video games, and Aliens Borderlands, and I love you, too. We here at Gearbox like to keep it real, yo, so that’s why I’m here as SEGA Nerds’ new correspondent to deliver news regarding the Aliens: Colonial Marines class action lawsuit. That’s right, every time there is something …

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