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Phantasy Star Online 2 getting English translation

We’ve waited and waited and waited for SEGA to release Phantasy Star Online 2 in Western territories. Despite telling us multiple times the game is still on its way and has merely been delayed, it’s hard to remain optimistic we’ll ever see an official release in the U.S.

Many hardcore players have simply played the Japanese version and used online translation guides. However, you soon won’t have to as AsiaSoft and PlayPark have licensed the rights to PSO 2 and will release it in South East Asian territories this year. What’s best is some of these territories are English speaking, which means the game will finally be translated into English.

Several of the screens AsiaSoft released feature full English text as well as the game’s official site.¬†According to the Phantasy Star Online Blog, a closed beta is planned for April 4 for one of the non-English speaking territories. There’s no word on whether this will be a PC only release or if it will also be released on the Vita.

While it’s not an official U.S. release, it will serve as an excellent alternative to the Japanese version. In the meantime, one of AsiaSoft’s community manager’s, Dreki, plans to release beta keys for the beta soon, so keep an eye out!

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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  • cube_b3

    Can anyone explain the business logic of localizing the game?

    It is an established name, and unlike Yakuza it has universal appeal. What is the logic here? Does it have something to do with running servers?

    • TimmiT

      That and probably having to keep up with all of the updates. And if you’ve played previous PSO games, you’ll know how well they’ve handled that in the past.

  • TheRequiem95

    How hard is it to buy the game on a foreign iTunes Store? What’s the process there?

  • I have some menu simulators with translations for reference at for those not holding their breathe on the English version

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