Published on May 18th, 2013 | by Graham Cookson

SFTW: DJ Yoda and Scroobius Pip say (a late) farewell to SEGA

What with the recent news that SEGA and Nintendo have formed a ‘worldwide partnership’ and the next three Sonic titles will be Nintendo-exclusive, I thoughtin this week’s Something for the Weekend, it would be good to have a reminder of the good/bad days (depends how you look at them) when SEGA and Nintendo were butting heads, not holding hands.

So for this SFTW, we have a fun music video called ‘SEGA RIP’, from London-based DJ Yoda and featuring English rapper, Scroobius Pip. The video talks/raps about the days of SEGA vs Nintendo and ask the question of ‘what happened to SEGA?’

Now, it’s pretty obvious from the video (released Nov. 2012) that DJ Yoda/Scroobius Pip weren”t big SEGA fans, but they do show the company and the Genesis decent respect. Plus it’s just a fun video.

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